How do you live out your Christian life? The SurrenderedYou Framework™ provides the answer to this question. Each section of the framework include a program of learning to help you develop in the area as you grow as a daughter or son of God.



After you receive Jesus, three principles set the foundation you can build on while you grow as a child of God. The SurrenderedYou™ Foundation unit teaches you the three principles in the “I’m a Christian..Now What?” program. This program includes The Foundations for Love online workshop and the keystone book, Confused: Principles for Christian Living.


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Purchase the book only

Use the book for  independent study of the three principles. Several activities in the book help you practice the three principles as part of your daily life.

Purchase the workshop

Take your experience to the next level by reinforcing the three principles in group study. The online instructor-led, 4-week workshop meets once a week. The workshop includes a copy of the book. However, the more valuable experience will be in sharing with other Christians as you collectively and collaboratively study the three principles.

(NOTE: No reduction will be included if you've already purchased the book. We recommend you provide the extra copy as a gift to a friend.)

Purchase a group session

As a pastor of a church or a director of an church Bible institute, you can augment your new members class by purchasing the online, instructor-led, 4-week workshop at a group rate. Please contact us for more information.


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