My trauma does not control me, because Jesus is in control. 

After childhood sexual abuse, regaining control of your life may be hard. But, letting your life control you will always be harder. While healing may be a lifelong journey,  even the smallest move forward is one step closer. Through tools which help you tell your story and initiate a HEALING PLAN you will see, with God, hurt and brokenness is something you can break through.

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Am I Broken?

Diverse group of people

Who Is the Most Important Person in Your Healing?


4 Keys to Sharing Your Sexual Abuse Story


Kickstart Your Plan for Healing

Ways to Get Started

Kickstart your healing path



In Search of King Novel

Join Mimi Combs, our brave and broken main character, as she heals.

Released: In Search of a King is a first novel by Andrea Gadson. People who've read it, hailed it a beautifully written story about a horrible situation. Andrea uses a fiction based story to illustrate a real-life pain and connect the reader to the real-life surrender of healing. 

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